Featured GoChorder — May 2012

Heidi Swedberg

Seinfeld’s Susan is how I always thought I’d think of Heidi Swedberg. That is until I realized that it was she in “Kindergarten Cop” and (GoChords’ team fav) “Galaxy Quest” to name just a few of her numerous acting gigs. Then I found out something even more thrilling — she plays ukulele, has a terrific CD, and teaches children.

Seinfeld, great movies AND ukuleles - that woman is incredible. She is also a great gal and uses GoChords as a tool while teaching. She encourages children to express themselves in ways ordinary teachers do not. At her performances her band adds many wonderful and unexpected instruments, such as the Tuba, leading to a rollicking and rockin’ good time. She encourages creativity and experimentation. It is important to have the confidence and courage to be creative and to step out of the lines.

Born in the ukulele capitol of the world, Hawaii, she played her first ukulele at 5 years old. Years later while preparing for a TV pilot, in which she played a singer-songwriter, she picked it up again and that was the beginning of a great new adventure.

Heidi in Haiti

Last year she flew down to Haiti with ukuleles donated by Kala Ukuleles to bring music and fun to the children in an orphanage. The ukulele a little tool for some happiness in the midst of so much suffering. She learned as she taught and hopes to return one day soon.

Heidi contributed to the Grammy award winning album “All About Bullies” and has a wonderful CD she recorded with her band the Sukey Band entitled Play!

Heidi teaches via Skype so anyone can now take a lesson with her! She is using GoChords of course, and has a group in GoChords for her students.

So there is life after George Costanza after all, a great music-filled one at that!

Heidi’s website:

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