Featured GoChorder — June 2011


Matohota was one of GoChord's very first "power users." He has created a very impressive collection of songs (not only for the sheer number of songs, but also for the quality of the notation), as anyone who belongs to his group "Ukulele Club de Morainvilliers" knows. He fosters a very friendly atmosphere within his group, always welcoming new members with a message on the group's message board. We asked Matohota to tell us all a little bit about himself:

Our featured GoChorder, Matohota, is the founder and leader of the group "Ukulele club de Morainvilliers". He has built a collection of over 100 songs and over 200 custom chords. His lead sheets are some of the best we've ever seen!
The family that plays together...   Isabelle, Louise, Bruno (Matohota), and Balthazar with their fabulous ukulele collection.

We discovered the ukulele at Christmas 2009 as Balthazar, our little boy was crying for a guitar. I didn't want to pay too much for what I thought would be a 5-minute toy ;-). So instead we bought a ukulele and as we tried to correctly tune the instrument, we immediatly fell in love with it. That's how the "voyage" began. Since then, all of my family has learned to play and we try to share our passion with everybody. Of course, we have lost some friends :-D but we found new ones.

I recently began to play the Ubass so that I could offer a sound that complements what the rest of the family is playing. This fantastic instrument has an amazing sound, and our whole family agreed that Papa needed to have a big voice.

As with everybody who plays, we wanted better ukuleles, but we were unable to part with our first instruments, and so we began the collection which you can see in the photos.

We love old 20s music, Charleston, jazz... and of course every kind of music. I guess you could say that we are not too selective, but it must be well done. We especially like funny old songs. For us, ukulele is a wonderful excuse for having time together.

I was looking for software to properly create our lead sheets when I found GoChords, and I immediatly knew that it would be our tool. It's absolutly free, and that's fantastic. I put the link to GoChords on my website because I want that everyone try it, because it's so easy to use and so powerful. Thank you for that!

For us, ukulele is pleasure, fun, family, friends, waves, holidays, blue sky...

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