December 30, 2010

The GoChords iPad App — Progress Report

Development is on track for a release in January 2011

The song library lets you view your songs, songs shared with you, or both. You can sort these views by song name, genre, user or modified date. Tapping the green plus icon next to a song's name allows you to add that song to any of your custom song books.

Development on the iPad app is nearly complete. We're getting ready to start testing this weekend. Thank you to the many GoChorders who have volunteered to help us test. Following testing, we anticipate that the app will be available in the iTunes App Store by mid-January.

The GoChords iPad app will be the perfect companion to the free GoChords website where you create and share your music. It will turn your iPad into a portable GoChords songbook. It will allow you to access any of the songs you have created and those that have been shared with you in GoChords — even without an Internet connection!

When you launch the app, you are prompted for your GoChords login info. Then all your songs and songs shared with you (including any custom chords) are downloaded into the app. You can re-synchronize your song lists any time you like.

After synchronization, you don't need an internet connection at all to use your songs!
As with the GoChords online-version, the app will let you change instruments, change keys, change between sharps and flats, and automatically scroll your song while you play along.
The app lets you create your own custom song books. These song books could be used for gig set lists or for jams and get-togethers.

The song library also has a search feature that scans song titles, descriptions, and even the names of the users who created them.
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