Featured GoChorder — November 2010

Ukulele Bartt

Ukulele Bartt is our very first GoChorder of the month. He was one of the first members of GoChords and a wonderful supporter and advisor. He has spread the word along with his music and now we want to return the favor. Here is Bartt’s official bio:

Ukulele Bartt

Ukulele Bartt is recognized around the world for his "Fancy Fingers" workshops and his dazzling musical performances. The Los Angeles Times calls him a "modern-day master.

In addition to his playing prowess, he is equally acclaimed for being as much fun as you can have with four strings. Jim Beloff calls Bartt “a fearless uke player who combines his significant chops and wacky sense of humor to teach uke basics, as well as much more advanced techniques.”

Bartt was honored as "Teacher of the Year" in the 40,000-teacher Los Angeles Unified School District, America's second-largest district. He's also been awarded a commendation from the mayor of Los Angeles. Bartt has released two CDs and an instructional DVD, “Ukulele Bartt’s Ultimate Ukulele,” which can be found across North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

Bartt - Live

Bartt’s wide spectrum of musical influences ranges from Flamenco to Beatles to Beethoven. As he traverses the planet, he brings home new ideas. You might learn just about anything at his next workshop!

Bartt is the creator of the popular website, Bartt.net, with lessons, chord charts, message boards, and videos for players of all skill levels. More than a million viewers have enjoyed his Internet videos. In addition to his vigorous ukulele career, Bartt also keeps himself busy as a recording engineer in his Los Angeles studio.

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