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GoChords makes it easy to write and to read your songs, for practicing, gigs and jams with other musicians. Anywhere you have the internet, you have GoChords! You can compose and create right on both your desktop computer and your tablet. No more illegible writing on cocktail napkins, matchbook covers and shopping lists!

Create and Edit Songs

Tired of hours you have to spend with those little rubber stamps to add chord shapes to your song sheets? We hear you — we were, too, and that's why we created GoChords. GoChords makes it super quick and easy to write song sheets with chord symbols, lyrics and simple notation, all with our drag-and-drop interface.

Write for Guitar, Mandolin, or Ukulele

GoChords enables you to compose for a variety of stringed instruments — guitar, mandolin and 3 different ukulele tunings. You can even change the instrument for your song on-the-fly, which makes it so easy to jam with other instruments.

Transpose Keys

With GoChords, you're never locked in to the key you write your song in. You can transpose your song at any time, and with just a single click of the mouse (or a tap on your tablet). Very helpful to accomodate a singer's vocal range, or even to challenge yourself to play in other keys.

Custom Chord Builder

Our Custom Chord Builder allows you to create your own chord shapes for any instrument, for those personal chord voicings and inversions you may want to include on your songs.

Share Songs

Share you music and enjoy music shared by other GoChords members. You can share with groups that you are a member of, or you can send One to One Shares of your songs to friends via email.

Attach Audio and Video

GoChords helps you teachers out there by allowing you to attach an audio track or a video to your song. It gives you a great way to provide a reference to your students for the feel and timing of your song.

Social Features

Join and form groups, share your music and enjoy music shared by others. Communicate with other players using song commenting and direct messaging.


Compare Features

You have two different kinds of plans to choose from: Our Full Subscription gives you access to everything that GoChords has to offer. We also offer a free plan that lets you join groups and enjoy music that others have shared.

Features Included Full Subscription Free Account
Create & Edit Songs Unlimited Up to 3 songs
Share Songs
View Shared Songs
Join Groups
Print Songs
Comment on Songs
Optimized for tablets
Create Custom Chords
Create Groups
Create Songbooks
Print Songs w/ Preview
Hands-Free Song Scrolling
GoChords Song Widget
Priority Support


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